Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a listing of volunteer opportunities for ODs, opticians, and support staff. 

If you woudl like your event to be listed here, please send information to  opw@eyes.org

The Millionair Club - Eye Exams

The Millionair Club Charity connects people experiencing homelessness and poverty with dignified jobs and support services.One of the important no-cost services offered is vision care, with free eye exams and a pair of glasses.We are looking for volunteer optometrists to help us provide this much needed service.
Our volunteer OD's work only 2 Thursday mornings a year. We are located in the Belltown neighborhood of downtown Seattle.

Please consider joining our group of dedicated volunteer optometrists.For information please contact Dr. Cynthia Ruggeiro.  cpr@ruggeiro.com



Our primary mission of VOSH-Northwest (a Chapter of VOSH-International) is to facilitate the provision of vision care worldwide to people who can neither afford nor obtain such care.The VOSH-Northwest Chapter covers the states of Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Oregon but boasts membership throughout the United States and the World. Upcoming missions can be found here.



Date Posted: February 11, 2020

The Hope Festival

The Hope Festival (Washington 501(c)3 organization) is an incredible event that serves struggling and in-need families across the Eastside. Hopefest not only provides over 1500 guests with free groceries, clothes, hygiene items, and books; but also provides clients with free services such as haircuts, massages, entertainment, and much more. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the refreshments being served, or even pick up a club for a game of mini golf with the family. The Festival provides a day of fun and care within the stressful lives that each of our guests are enduring. Our guests' connections made with local agencies and community organizations at the event will last far beyond the single-day event. Each year, our clients will walk away from this powerful day of giving with a reaffirmed belief that they are cared for by a compassionate community.  

Through our efforts, we provide many of those in need in our community with supplies, as well as a positive atmosphere, that we all need in our lives. As we serve and give back to our community, we remember what the real goal is. Each and every one of our guests will walk out of the event with not only supplies necessary for life - but a feeling of being loved, supported, and cared for. Our guests will leave the Hope Festival with the renewed mindset that there really is good in the world. Simply said: each and every one of our guests will discover a newfound sense of hope. 

We were wondering if optometric physicians would be interested in providing their services to low-income families at Hopefest 2020.

Hopefest will be on Saturday March 14, 2020 at the Bellevue Highland Community Center. Our plan is: Set up (10am-3pm), Serving guest (3-7pm), and Clean up (7-9pm). 

Contact: Anika Wottreng, Co-Director, Hopefest


Date Posted: February 19, 2020

Special Olympics of Washington - Opening Eyes Screenings

We are always looking for volunteer ODs, opticians, techs, and optometry students for our events.

Next Event: Summer Games in Everett - date TBA

Contact Katie Hash, O.D. (katiehash1@gmail.com) if interested in volunteering your time.