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Optometry, as a government regulated profession, is under constant attack - the same battles, fought and won years ago, still exist today; they will exist tomorrow.

AOA's is your voice in our nation's capital.  But don't forget: The legislative and political realities do not begin and end in DC; the stakes are just as high here, in the "other" Washington.

We, through dedication, and the expertise of our members, OPW has worked hard to advance and evolve Optometry into the profession it is today.

Washington's Optometric Political Action Committee plays a critical role in the advancement of eye care policies designed to ensure our patients eye health and best interests are considered when shaping state law. We ask for your support to help move optometry forward in Washington and beyond.

As a reminder, donors to WOPAC (and all PACs) must be US Citizens or permanent residents. If you do not fall into one of these categories, please do not donate.

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