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Hubble Contacts fined $300,000 in civil penalties for deceptive trade practices in Texas

June 30, 2022

Doctors of optometry and consumers alert Texas attorney general to concerns about the online contact lens retailer. It was the second settlement in 2022 against Hubble for deceptive trade practices, at the state and federal levels. Read More >

HHS issues guidance on audio-only telehealth, HIPAA rules

June 29, 2022

The clarification addresses common questions about how doctors can provide audio-only telehealth without running afoul of HIPAA requirements. Read More >

Help patients see fireworks safely

June 28, 2022

While fireworks make for a fun Fourth of July celebration, they can cause injuries when not handled safely. Educate patients on how to prevent eye injuries during the season of fireworks. Read More >

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